Our Mission

Connecting people with wildness through food.

What We Do

WildFed is a show, podcast, and lifestyle brand that integrates hunting, fishing, foraging, and ecology with nutrition, cooking, community, and outdoor adventure.

Our Core Values


harvest your own food


We strive to be pioneers in the emerging modern subsistence culture that bridges the worlds of hunting, fishing and foraging under one banner. We believe in a vision of humans as ecological stewards, rather than simply apex predators. Trophic hunters, not just trophy hunters. Tenders of the wild, rather than mere sportsmen. We believe in ecologically sound harvests, revering all species and kingdoms, and honoring our harvests by thoughtfully caring for and utilizing them. We don’t believe in “nuisance species”, support killing for mere sport or heedlessly stripping natural resources for commercial gain. We seek to transcend the social division that oftentimes alienates those who hunt and fish, from those who gather plants and mushrooms. It's food, after all, that bonds us all together.


Eat from where you live

At WildFed, we believe in being “made of place”. That means hunting, fishing, and foraging right here in our local food-shed. We celebrate exotic hunts and foraging opportunities in distant locales — & always look forward to those opportunities — but we especially like to emphasize the species we find right here at home. Conservation takes people being invested, often at the alimentary level, in their local ecology. Learning to locate, identify, and ethically & legally harvest wild species from your local food-shed deepens your awareness of your immediate environment, and makes you the first line of defense as a citizen-ecologist. So, we say get out there on those dream trips, but be sure to invest your energy here at home too!

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A Healthy Lifestyle

We believe wild foods can offer greater nutrition than their domesticated and cultivated counterparts, but not just mere food nutrients. For us, the harvest of wild foods provides many other crucial “nutrients” too like movement, time in the outdoors, sunshine, fresh air, communal meals with friends and family, and meaningful interactions with landscapes and the species that inhabit them. As far as hobbies go, we can’t think of a healthier one.


multidiscipline approach

WildFed celebrates an interdisciplinary approach to hunting and gathering. We support all legal and ethical hunting, fishing, and foraging. Maybe you’re a hunter with little interest or experience with edible plants, or perhaps your someone who avoids animal foods but just loves to forage. You might be someone who is simply obsessed with picking mushrooms, or maybe you just like to spend an afternoon fishing. Whatever your preferred way to hunt or gather, we welcome you. It’s our hope that WildFed inspires you to branch out and grow your skill-set. In fact, we think the more well rounded and interdisciplinary you are, the more adaptable and anti-fragile you become. However you secure your wild vittles, if it’s legal and ethical, WildFed supports you!

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Conservation Through Use

We believe human beings are meant to be participants in ecology, and without it our mental, emotional, and physical health suffers. We also believe that imbuing wild species and open spaces — our natural, renewable resources — with food and experiential value is crucial to meaningful conservation and restoration efforts. The most direct, intimate and utilitarian link to wild ecology is through our food, and we see this as a doorway to truly sustainable use.


tend the modern wild

WildFed seeks to identify, explore, and educate our community on the unique environmental, ecological, and social factors that impact modern hunting and gathering. From hunter safety courses and licensing to issues of non-native and invasive species. From modern land access rights and privileges, size and bag limits, state and federal wildlife laws, and regulations, to issues of agricultural, industrial, and nuclear pollution. The world of the modern forager is fraught with new challenges not faced in our ancestral past and we are excited to help you negotiate that challenging terrain.


sustain our wild future

WildFed makes its decisions with the future forager in mind. We are all stewards of a 3.5 million year subsistence tradition. How do our choices today impact the future of that tradition? How can we make access to this lifestyle easier and more attainable for people with no prior experience? How can we promote the ethics and education necessary to make it sustainable for future generations? How do we steward the landscape for future productivity? WildFed seeks to answer these questions and to innovate new strategies, tactics, equipment, and processes that make foraging a viable lifestyle for future generations.